build a board - customized workhorse cutting board

build a board - customized workhorse cutting board

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Style your slats:

Customize your very own Workhorse board and see it come to life in your kitchen! Press the button in the bottom left corner of your 3D creation to generate a scannable QR code. 

The Workhorse

This 12” x 18” x 1.25” board is a perfect all-use board. It’s big enough to get most jobs done but not too big to restrict movement in the kitchen. 

The workhorse cutting board is the ultimate kitchen companion. Crafted with your help from premium hardwoods, this luxury cutting board is perfect for all your culinary needs and let you design to match your kitchen perfectly! 

Care Instructions

Utilize application sponges. Every 15-20 washes apply 3-4 pumps of oil to each side of the board and allow to dry. Next, Apply waxlike shoe polish. Apply to each side, allow 5 minutes to cure, then wipe off excess.

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