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Workhorse Cutting Board - Walnut & Maple

Workhorse Cutting Board - Walnut & Maple

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This 12’’ x 18’’ board is a perfect all-use board. It’s big enough to get most jobs done but not too big to restrict movement in the kitchen. 

*Wood appearance may vary from photos*


Care Instructions

Utilize application sponges. Every 15-20 washes apply 3-4 pumps of oil to each side of the board and allow to dry. Next, Apply waxlike shoe polish. Apply to each side, allow 5 minutes to cure, then wipe off excess.

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara R
Terrific Wood Oil saved heirlooms

I have four wooden bowls that I consider heirlooms, they are over 50 years old and are beginning to show cracks and getting rough interior bottoms.  I have searched everywhere, including the internet, for replacements but have not found anything comparable.  When I was at a local fair, I stopped at the Bad Boy Boards’ stall.  I saw not only many beautiful cutting boards, but also waxes and oils for treating wood.  I bought a jar of wax and a bottle of oil.  I applied them on my bowl for a few days.  This resulted in the bowls looking like new bowls.  I am so thrilled to have my bowls restored.  I’m expecting them to outlast me.
I also made a point to see Bad Boy Board’s new retail outlet. I was quite impressed with the diverse array of cutting boards, the beauty of wood patterns, and the perfection of the construction.
The boards, wood oils, and waxes would be a wonderful addition to any kitchen or make a wonderful gift.

John D
New workhorse

I purchased my Workhorse recently and I couldn’t be happier. The team at badboy really went above and beyond helping me pick out my board. The explanation of wood vs plastic was spot on!