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Drawer Board XL - Maple, Cherry, & Walnut

Drawer Board XL - Maple, Cherry, & Walnut

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Introducing the larger ultimate and most versatile kitchen cutting board - the Drawer Board! Specially designed to fit perfectly in any kitchen, this lightweight and storable cutting board is a must-have kitchen tool. 

This versatile board is sure to become an essential part of your cooking routine. With its trendy design and functional features like a cutting board drawer and handy storage drawers, the Drawer Board is truly the kitchen island you've been dreaming of. Made from the best high-quality hardwoods such as Hickory, Cherry, Purple Heart, Walnut, Padauk, Maple, Sapele, and Osage, it not only looks great but also compliments your kitchen decor. Get organized and elevate your cooking experience with the Drawer Board. Discover the joy of cooking with this practical, stylish, and ingenious kitchen accessory.

12 x 18 x .75


*Appearance of wood may vary


Care Instructions

Utilize application sponges. Every 15-20 washes apply 3-4 pumps of oil to each side of the board and allow to dry. Next, Apply waxlike shoe polish. Apply to each side, allow 5 minutes to cure, then wipe off excess.

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