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American Holly and Murado Wood Chessboard

American Holly and Murado Wood Chessboard

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We love to work with American Holly and Murado wood when our lumber yard has it available. In this minimalist chessboard we paired the two woods together to create a board with a slimmer footprint than traditional chessbopard. The striations in the Murado grain have a deep caramel color that compliments the tight grained, light color Holly. 

This American Holly and Murado chessboard has letters across the bottom (A-H) but does not have the 1-8 numbing along the left side for a slimmer footprint. 

20.25" h x 19.25 w
1.75' tall including .25" non-skid silicone feet

Care Instructions

Utilize application sponges. Every 15-20 washes apply 3-4 pumps of oil to each side of the board and allow to dry. Next, Apply waxlike shoe polish. Apply to each side, allow 5 minutes to cure, then wipe off excess.

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